iGaming platform BetBooster

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iGaming platform BetBooster

Success formula for betting platform

A gaming platform is a specially designed gambling software that can be installed on any site, computer, gaming terminal or mobile device and offers variety of casino games to be played over the internet. BetBooster gaming will launching your own casino very simple, cost effective and your business successful.

Gaming platform

Game platform requirements:


Customizable design

Empower your casino venture with BetBooster software's exceptional customizable design. Tailor your platform's look and feel to reflect your brand, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for your players.


Content variety

Unlock endless possibilities for your casino business with BetBooster software's diverse content offerings. From a rich selection of games to live casino and seamless betting integration, we provide the tools for your success.


24/7 support

Boost your casino business with BetBooster's round-the-clock support. Our dedicated team ensures that your operation runs smoothly and is available to help you whenever you need it.


Any languge, any currancy

Expand your casino's global reach effortlessly using BetBooster software, designed to support any language and currency. Welcome players from around the world and offer a truly inclusive and user-friendly gaming experience.


Different payment systems

Increase player convenience and accessibility with BetBooster Software's versatile payment solutions. Whether it's credit cards, local payment systems, cryptocurrencies or even cash transactions, we've got you covered for seamless and secure transactions.


Built-in back office

Simplify casino management with BetBooster integrated back office solution. Our software's built-in back office offers intuitive control over operations, analytics, and player insights, streamlining your administrative tasks for greater efficiency and informed decision-making.


Multi-level agent system

Build player loyalty like never before with our software's dynamic Loyalty Program features. From thrilling jackpots to enticing bonuses and rewarding cashback, our platform helps you create an engaging and lasting relationship with your players.


Loyality program

Build player loyalty like never before with our software's dynamic Loyalty Program features. From thrilling jackpots to enticing bonuses and rewarding cashback, our platform helps you create an engaging and lasting relationship with your players.


Affiliate program

Maximize your casino's growth potential through seamless integration of affiliate programs in BetBooster software. Expand your reach, boost traffic, and increase revenue by effortlessly collaborating with affiliates, all within a single comprehensive platform.

Enter a new era of casino excellence with our state-of-the-art software. Unleash your creativity with customisable designs, an array of games and seamless betting, all backed by round-the-clock multi-lingual support. With versatile payment solutions, compelling loyalty programmes and integrated affiliate systems, our platform is your all-in-one solution. Manage with ease using our powerful built-in back office and drive your casino business to unparalleled success.

Gaming Platform BetBooster Software


Easy integration of the betting system.


Rapid analysis of sports lines.


Conducting virtual sports tournaments.


Integration of popular versions of poker, casino and slots.


High quality software and prompt technical support.


BetBooster Software

Other company

Custom development

We redefine custom development. Unlike competitors, we prioritize flexibility and affordability, offering swift and seamless solutions that don't break the bank. Experience a unique casino software that sets you apart.

Custom development

Most competitors demand substantial time and financial investments for custom casino software, leaving you with limited flexibility, long time to market and extreme costs.

Technical support

We believe that every customer deserves reliable and accessible support, regardless of their payment method or customer status. Our 24/7 support is available to all, ensuring you get the help you need, when you need it.

Technical support

Restrict their assistance to those who pay extra or belong to their top 3 list of clients. This approach can leave many customers without proper guidance and support when they need it most.


We believe in transparency and fairness. Our pricing is based on the effort required and the actual development costs involved. We aim to provide accessible opportunities to partners who share our vision, ensuring that everyone has a chance to succeed.


Intentionally set their prices high, creating a barrier to entry and separating potentially profitable partners from others. This approach doesn't always reflect the true value of the service and can limit opportunities.


We Guide and assist you to make you successful and not only participate in your existing success.


Looking for successful partners to simply ride the wave of your success. lack the adaptability needed to cater to your unique casino vision, offering only rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions.